St. Luke's United Methodist Church

What to Expect

St. Luke’s prizes worship! It is the heart of who we are as a community gathered around Jesus Christ. When you come to St. Luke’s, new friends will greet you. We are a warm and welcoming congregation, and we want you to feel at home in our midst.

At St. Luke’s we are concerned about the content of your heart, not your attire. A lot of folks do dress up for church, but there are also those who come casually dressed.

After church, folks like to linger and fellowship. Oftentimes one of our committees or work areas will meet after worship; and on Sunday afternoon, our Youth Fellowship gathers to study and plan, or to go off on a day’s adventure in mission.

Children are always welcome in the worship service and, for parents who prefer it, there is also a nursery. Children from preschool age through grade 2 are welcome to go to Children’s Church after Pastor Lisa invites them up for the Children’s Time at the altar. This happens about 20 minutes into service. Children’s Church is led by parent volunteers, and takes place every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month, when all are invited to share in the sacrament of communion.