St. Luke's United Methodist Church

Jacobs Road Elementary School (JRES)

We seek to be a partner in the work of Jacobs Road Elementary School, by offering our support and involvement to this school just down the road from our Church. We thank its principal, Ms. Traveline, and one of its retired teachers, Ms. Debbie Smart, who is a member of St. Luke’s, for guiding us in how to support the children and families of JRES.

Our greatest involvement is our tutoring program, which pairs church members with kindergarten classes. Volunteers visit twice a month, to help with educational centers and to help one-on-one with handwriting and/or reading.

The congregation also is involved through mission offerings that help to provide school supplies to children whose families may not be able to afford them. Twice a year, we take up a collection of paper, pencils, erasers, etc., and special collections have included new and gently used children’s winter coats.

It’s always a joy to be involved at Jacobs!